Monday, October 19, 2009

the way we show our love,

mireya : pompuan! kau ni tak ada bilik sendiri ke? asyik nak menyebok kat bilik orang?
mimi : biarlaa!
mireya : biarlaa apa biarlaa? bilik ni sepah semua ni pasal kau la kau tahu tak? ada bilik sendiri tak nak duduk.
mimi : ye ar kan aku balik la
mireya : BYE!!!!


rosma : korang, korang nak makan mana hari ni?
mimi : tak tau
mireya : mimi, aku fed up la dengan kau ni. tanya sikit semua tak tahu. cuba la grow up sikit. haish!
mimi : ye ar ye ar kan. tapi aku tak tau nak makan mana.


mireya : ni apahal tak siap-siap lagi nih? kau nak makan penampar ke hape hah pompuan? lambat betul siap, ni apahal dok guling-guling lagi nih? kau ingat comel ke ha kau buat macam tu?
mimi : ishh biar laa
mireya : orang nak makan kau buat lambat pulak
mimi : ala kau tu selalu lambat aku tak bising pun, dah berjuta-juta kali lambat pun aku tunggu tak bising pun bila time aku kau nak bising-bising pulak.
mireya : perghhhh mimi mengungkit siall!


we really love each other so much. you could tell, couldn't you?


Sunday, October 18, 2009


No matter how many dramas and conflicts we have, hope we'll be there for each other, babes?
And despite any talks behind the backs, in the end we still have each others' backs, kan?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

something that still doesn't change :)

mood when writing this : [ still not recover from my grieving ]

does it ever occur to you that sometimes life as a uni student some how seems resemble what you've gone thru during ur kindergarden(i still cant spell dis word correctly..damn!)??i do..or rosma,should we say (we do)?? a lot..

i hv dis 1 friend,i dont wanna tell her nme but i'll gv u the initial,m. she makes me think that anything that gotta do with the word "study" is easy..yes ppl..e.a.s.y.y is that so?bcoz she scored like almost perfect 100% in her test@quiz@u name it!!just like in the kindergarden or primary school where teachers called out ur friend's name n said that she got 100% for this test and u r like "wahhh..terer nye bdk ni"..the same thing happens to me/us? haha.god,i thougt the torture is overr!!!hahaha..

but whatever it is,she's still the best friend that we have..the hero that save the day..haha..the one i turned to in case i cant understand what the hell am i writing.the one who i turned to when my ubuntu programming playing a mess with me n not running smoothly..the one i turned to when my head cracking up doing ct,the one i turned to when doing my newly-found-nemesis,dge,the one i turned to when the LED is not lighted up after i did all the connection correctly(i think)..haha..the one i shared my jokes with especially when we r talking bout rosma..sriusly..ngee :D

well what can i say?thanks 4 being there,being the lecturer,the tutor,the teacher n not leaving me out there d.e.a.d. haha.

this are some part of songs that we share the funnyness(ade ke word nih) behind it :

-coz we r partner in crime..
-keep on moving,keep climbing,keep the faith,baby
-its a little too late 4 u to come back, .............

haha..all in all..i love u..we love u..
suddenly i feel like a desperate-pathetic lesbo who needs someone to make out with..hahahaaha..bek2 la korg..

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

erm..craziest plan ever??<-- this title is for the post below??haha :)

sius lupe nk ltk title kat bwh ni..afterall mmg xtpikir pon nk post ape2 in the 1st place :) ..haha..sori2..
huhu..saya rindu dgn blog ni..feels like its been a million years since the last time i post n read it.. what my co-bimbs [belle] stated in the previous post,seriusly ktorg mmg bz..but still ade je mse nk kua g ipoh n yg xbleh blah,bleh pgi back and forth like the route was utp-ip-jj-than back to ip balik(and all that thanks to this one boots shop yg ttup taim ktorg nk bli hadiah belle) :( then batu gjh-utp..mmg mcm explorace dh time ni but the only different was rosma la the only participant nye..haha..die je yg figure out the way back to utp..n what the hell did mimi n i were doing in the car??hehe..always had been and always will be..[ ZzZzZz ]..sori rosma,xberniat pon nk tdo dlm kete taim hg tgh sibuk cr jln sius ngantuk..haha..pstu the worst case scenario was when mlm tu klua ipo lg [ mmg xsdar diri btol ] but then,we hv a concrete reason nape nk kua balik(sbb nk tuka kasut belle and bil pon cm dying je nk kua nih..and rosma cant keep her mind straight from the pink/brown dress she saw at radioactive shop.
anyway,its not too late n its never too late to say this :
happy birthday,belle@mireya@mira <-- ppuan ni byk sgt nme :)

-hope everything that we did 4 ur birthday worth ur 19 yrs of life
-smoge pnjg umo n murah rzeki(i know rite after reading this,ur heart will say,LAME la farah ni!!)haha
-and hopefully u will hv ur syg in near future..(i rpeat..near!!)haha :)