Sunday, December 13, 2009

guess whatt??? :)

dah kat atas suh tekaa..cpt la tekaaaaa... :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


ok I have to upload this pic. Time ni kami cemas coz bapak aku call phone belle coz my phone was "out of battery". Sorry mimi. :)

Miss you..
:('s a rail tradition...

one day i shall bring u girls to this place :D
among the must-go-to place that i have in mind
huhu..missing all of u

Sunday, December 6, 2009

well at least they can see that

yup.they do.but i'm still gonna wait.but when it is too late,don't blame me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Breakfast [0800 hours]

Speaking of breakfast, sepanjang kitorang kat utp sem nie, x penah skali pon kitorang breakfast pukul 8. selalunye kitorang breaklunch je. tak mampu nak bangun awal2 semate-mate nak g breakfast especially u know who la kan. hehe. but we always dream of having breakfast together at least skali pon cukup la [betul ke kte de angan2 nk breakfast nie?] lagipun one of our housemates sangat2 la excited when it comes to breakfast. kesian lak kat die kan tade orang nk teman die breakfast kan billy olly?? hehe

so alkisahnye bermule begini. me, rosma, farah n jah baru abes exam circuit theory n we have like 10 days before the final paper so we decided to go n have fun in ipoh but jah x dapat ikot sebab die ade date n we went to ipoh ngan belle. kat ipoh kitorang g _______, _______, _________, n bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. tak perlu la aku bagitau details kat sini kan sebab nanti ade orang kate aku riak pulak n kate aku macam2 lagi la sebab ramai orang x suke aku kate aku banyak cakap la, bising la, gedik la, annoying and macam2 lagi la. so nak mengelakkan diorang yg x suke aku tu buat lagi banyak dose baek aku diam [oke i'm exaggerating here. hahaha] on the way balik something happened and sampai utp da park kete ape sume baru perasan kete ade problem. dang!! problem besar nie sebab esoknye rosma nak balik rumah naek bas tiket pukul 8.45 pagi cane nak anta die g medan gopeng nak naek bas nak suruh kamila die ade exam nak suruh jah erm well die penat sangat kot x dapat nak anta so tak terlintas kat otak ni nak mintak tolong diorang. ye la kan orang x offer x kan kite nak buat muke x malu mintak tolong diorang kan. sedaq diri sket. hahahaha. tapi kitorang dapat settlekan problem tu sebab ade 3 heroes yang sanggup tolong kitorang malam tu da la hujan lewat lak tu pukul 1 pagi kot time tu aku pon x tau sebab aku x tengok jam. time kaseh kepade ACAP, AWANG N NASRIE for willing to help us, hopelessly helpless bimbos that night. so disebabkan kete da oke plan nak anta rosma g medan gopeng diteruskan meaning i have to wake up early tomorrow morning da la smlm x cukup tido sebab stay up study last minute tuk final rini lepas exam x sempat tido gak sebab g ipoh n malamnye tido lewat lak n esoknye nk kene bangun awal. damn!! nk tido!! huhu. tapi demi siti rosma aku gagahkan diriku tuk bangun awal esoknye last2 die gak yang kene kejut aku pagi tu. hahahaha. then kitorang [kitorang kat sini bukan manusie2 yang pegi ipoh tu tapi aku, rosma, belle, farah, billy olly n fue. yes. 6 orang lam 1 kete wira. i know kete da overload. haha] pon bertolak ke medan gopeng kul 7.30 pagi n sampai sane lam kul 8. we went to McD n have our breakfast there. finally dapat gak kitorang breakfast kat lua utp lak tu ingatkan angan2 nak breakfast lam utp je skali breakfast kat McD. hamek kau!!

the point is cite kat atas tu tade kaitan pon ngan kitorang berjaye mencapai cite2 nak breakfast. only the last part je yg ade kaitannye. hahahahha. oke ak nak highlight kat sini


ko tau kan kenape ak gune tulisan kaler hijau. ak x nak gune kaler laen nak kaler hijau gak. hahaha [tade motif]

Saturday, November 7, 2009

n finally the happiness is urs :)

to fue my housemate who just cant stop smiling n giggling for the past few days cos-u-know-why,

congrats n i'm so so happy 4 u..trying to keep it away la konon..blah laa..igt aku xtw ke..nobody's secret is safe when it comes to dorg(geng dorg la) ape2 pun,xyh la nk berahsia..its so O-BEE--VEE-LEE kot(nk tw pe mksd die g tnye dorg..haha)

anyway,like ur post "skrg dh jd due" amboiii..haha :) agak dramatis gk la korg nih..knal dh lme gile..byk sgt ups n downs,,twist and turn sne ni..konflik kalah cerita sinetron indon ngan drama samarinda,tp br skg nk "tie the knot" <-- cewah,ayt xboleh blah cm la die da nk kawin.haha..seems that u need to put more effort so that nobody's feeling easily get hurt after dis :)

n now that u r someone's significant other,jgn la lupekn kitorg plak ye..or else we'll kick ur ass out of this house!!!hahahaha..xde la..n erm..take care of ur relationship baik2..jgn kuat gado sgt(cm aku) more playing around with klu nk usha2 sket tu boleh je lg.hahaha..haha..psni jgn nk nangis2 lg dh..xlarat nk tgk ko nangis..haha

n to that somebody;
-jge die baik2 klu xnk tayar basikal pancit..
-buy her panadol or any medications if she tells u she's not feeling well..cos she can get sick easily(n this is very true!! n i bet u alredy knew that,dont u??)
-just sweep her off ur feet dude :)

n remember,

Nobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry. :) so cheers!!!!

He loves u. n we all do..kan2?? :)
sori ltak kaler purple sbb ak mmg suke purple.haha

Monday, October 19, 2009

the way we show our love,

mireya : pompuan! kau ni tak ada bilik sendiri ke? asyik nak menyebok kat bilik orang?
mimi : biarlaa!
mireya : biarlaa apa biarlaa? bilik ni sepah semua ni pasal kau la kau tahu tak? ada bilik sendiri tak nak duduk.
mimi : ye ar kan aku balik la
mireya : BYE!!!!


rosma : korang, korang nak makan mana hari ni?
mimi : tak tau
mireya : mimi, aku fed up la dengan kau ni. tanya sikit semua tak tahu. cuba la grow up sikit. haish!
mimi : ye ar ye ar kan. tapi aku tak tau nak makan mana.


mireya : ni apahal tak siap-siap lagi nih? kau nak makan penampar ke hape hah pompuan? lambat betul siap, ni apahal dok guling-guling lagi nih? kau ingat comel ke ha kau buat macam tu?
mimi : ishh biar laa
mireya : orang nak makan kau buat lambat pulak
mimi : ala kau tu selalu lambat aku tak bising pun, dah berjuta-juta kali lambat pun aku tunggu tak bising pun bila time aku kau nak bising-bising pulak.
mireya : perghhhh mimi mengungkit siall!


we really love each other so much. you could tell, couldn't you?


Sunday, October 18, 2009


No matter how many dramas and conflicts we have, hope we'll be there for each other, babes?
And despite any talks behind the backs, in the end we still have each others' backs, kan?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

something that still doesn't change :)

mood when writing this : [ still not recover from my grieving ]

does it ever occur to you that sometimes life as a uni student some how seems resemble what you've gone thru during ur kindergarden(i still cant spell dis word correctly..damn!)??i do..or rosma,should we say (we do)?? a lot..

i hv dis 1 friend,i dont wanna tell her nme but i'll gv u the initial,m. she makes me think that anything that gotta do with the word "study" is easy..yes ppl..e.a.s.y.y is that so?bcoz she scored like almost perfect 100% in her test@quiz@u name it!!just like in the kindergarden or primary school where teachers called out ur friend's name n said that she got 100% for this test and u r like "wahhh..terer nye bdk ni"..the same thing happens to me/us? haha.god,i thougt the torture is overr!!!hahaha..

but whatever it is,she's still the best friend that we have..the hero that save the day..haha..the one i turned to in case i cant understand what the hell am i writing.the one who i turned to when my ubuntu programming playing a mess with me n not running smoothly..the one i turned to when my head cracking up doing ct,the one i turned to when doing my newly-found-nemesis,dge,the one i turned to when the LED is not lighted up after i did all the connection correctly(i think)..haha..the one i shared my jokes with especially when we r talking bout rosma..sriusly..ngee :D

well what can i say?thanks 4 being there,being the lecturer,the tutor,the teacher n not leaving me out there d.e.a.d. haha.

this are some part of songs that we share the funnyness(ade ke word nih) behind it :

-coz we r partner in crime..
-keep on moving,keep climbing,keep the faith,baby
-its a little too late 4 u to come back, .............

haha..all in all..i love u..we love u..
suddenly i feel like a desperate-pathetic lesbo who needs someone to make out with..hahahaaha..bek2 la korg..

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Friday, October 2, 2009

erm..craziest plan ever??<-- this title is for the post below??haha :)

sius lupe nk ltk title kat bwh ni..afterall mmg xtpikir pon nk post ape2 in the 1st place :) ..haha..sori2..
huhu..saya rindu dgn blog ni..feels like its been a million years since the last time i post n read it.. what my co-bimbs [belle] stated in the previous post,seriusly ktorg mmg bz..but still ade je mse nk kua g ipoh n yg xbleh blah,bleh pgi back and forth like the route was utp-ip-jj-than back to ip balik(and all that thanks to this one boots shop yg ttup taim ktorg nk bli hadiah belle) :( then batu gjh-utp..mmg mcm explorace dh time ni but the only different was rosma la the only participant nye..haha..die je yg figure out the way back to utp..n what the hell did mimi n i were doing in the car??hehe..always had been and always will be..[ ZzZzZz ]..sori rosma,xberniat pon nk tdo dlm kete taim hg tgh sibuk cr jln sius ngantuk..haha..pstu the worst case scenario was when mlm tu klua ipo lg [ mmg xsdar diri btol ] but then,we hv a concrete reason nape nk kua balik(sbb nk tuka kasut belle and bil pon cm dying je nk kua nih..and rosma cant keep her mind straight from the pink/brown dress she saw at radioactive shop.
anyway,its not too late n its never too late to say this :
happy birthday,belle@mireya@mira <-- ppuan ni byk sgt nme :)

-hope everything that we did 4 ur birthday worth ur 19 yrs of life
-smoge pnjg umo n murah rzeki(i know rite after reading this,ur heart will say,LAME la farah ni!!)haha
-and hopefully u will hv ur syg in near future..(i rpeat..near!!)haha :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

random (and not) awesome.

oke sumpah busy.

well, it seems the bimbs have forgotten that they have a blog to be taken care of.
it's the matter of time.

semua busy dengan tests, (well you see, it's testss, the 'S' has been emphasized there) and lots and lots of quizzes.

guess undergraduates is never be the same with our foundation year.
weh gila belum satu sem dah merungut undergrad susah mampus lah kena bear lagi four years. darn!

well, we do MISS (A LOT!) our foundation year.
though it was quite a disaster because asyik keluar meremba siap buat overnite gedik-gedik kan,
but hey, bila nak enjoy lagi?

since everybody now has this new determination,
tak mahu remba-remba dah,
nak keluar makan pergi Seri Selatan pun susah kut sekarang.
kalau dulu, hari-hari pun boleh.
Ipoh jangan cakap lah, lagi laaa mimpi sekarang ni. (except orang tuu, Farah, sila terasa HAHAHA :P)
wayang pun macam sebulan sekali, kalau dulu tiap-tiap minggu,
if tak dapat tengok downloaded movies, Manjung, here we go!
sekarang, kalau nak tengok movies, macam sinful gila
like thinking 'oh-i-supposed-to-have-better-things-to-do-than-this!'
oh gilaaa!

after all, we need rest kan?

well, bimbs,
this weekend jom?
shopping baju raya?

motive of post ; none. haha darn.

Friday, August 21, 2009

bila ramadhan datang lagi.

weyh bimbo!!
jom gi terawih malam ni.
nak x??
ahhahahha. gedik nak wat post gak.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

kami dapat duduk satu rumah macam yang dirancang.


jangan lah kami gaduh
kecik hati
tak mahu kawan
perang besar

atau apa-apa pun.

oh tiba-tiba rasa sangat naive.

Friday, July 3, 2009

untuk budak malas nama mimi yana ;

awak degil,

suruh jawab tag pun tak nak.
ini yang buat saya rasa nak merajuk je dengan awak ni.

nasib baik kita STE sama, jadi saya tak jadi nak merajuk dengan awak.

dah lah saje nak tunjuk bagi saya jeles yang awak dapat lappy baru,
nama apa?


apa-apa pun,
saya sayang awak.


jadahnya anonymous terang-terangan nama aku ada kat bawah. wtf lah kan? :P

Friday, June 19, 2009

since i've been gone..

cehh..title post mmg xboleh sadis giler..haha
sori ppl..4 the long long long silent..utk para bimbs.u know y i was no-where-to-be-seen kat blog ni kn..
4 others..i went to this camp called "ste"..urm..some sort of motivating-camp 4 petronas scholars..

jadi..kpd kwn2 wat i said to kak ma..brace urself..xde la tough mne pun.for a start,nk g klas,u hvt to climb a hill with a 45 degree slope which is damn-tiring gilos laa, 3-4 times a day.n not 2 mention,that area is not so good in terms of coverage better bwk la 2-3 fon lg?makanan?sdp giler.dun wuri.n lots of presentationS,grp work.all n all.bes gk la.esp the last 2-3 days.depends on facee gk la.more details n further enquiries,contact me.haha :) n yeah.l8r,bimbo pn msk silibes gk.. :)
unfortunately, i dont hv any of my bimbs to share our endless-thoughts about it.sdh2.. so spe2 yg dpt same gp la korg!!

n aku rindu korg sgt2!!
nape xde sorg pon nk msg aku hah?
kak ma je.tu pn die nk tnye psl ade 1 hal ni.
klu x,sume xnk msg/contact!!huh..sedeh la cmni!!! :_ (
urm.results?no komen.sbb aku xdpt check lagi la.
to the rest,congratos!! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bunga-bunga sekalian!

saya rendu awak la.
awak ingat tak kita pi teluk batik/manjung sama-sama pukul 4 petang aritu?
alaa..yang kita lumba dengan swift hitam, picanto hijau dengan satria semut tu??
though they didn't even notice our existance.
and petang tu kita kena kejar anjing kat teluk batik tu??
huhu..mengarot btoy.
and time kita teruja masa first time bakaq butterscotch tu?
loqlaq btoy.
and those numerous silent treatments that i hate.
awak tahu tak, semalam saya mimpi, saya balik bilik pukul 2.30 pagi, then awak decide nak pindah dari bilik tu.
sorry, awak!
tapi saya geram taw awak buat silent treatment tu!
nanti siap laa!!
pastu ingat tak time tengahari panaih nak mampus tu, kita teringin nak makan aiskrim??
kita gagah la pi mesra la, taman maju la cari aiskrim.
all the way macam orang mabuk. gelak tak sedaq diri.
('re the longest. duh. i spend MOST of my time with you)

awak taw kan dulu saya takot dengan awak?
hehehe..bengong btoy.
tapi sem ni saya agak rapat la dengan awak.
awak ingat tak yang awak merajuk dengan kami, awak taknak naik PEM pi kelas petang tu?
and time tu, saya duduk sebelah awak, dan saya perasan ada bunyi teresak-esak di sebelah saya?
and malam terakhir untuk 2nd sem.
ketika hujan renyai-renyai..
ketika 3.00pagi..
kita angkut barang dengan zai dalam kereta (oopss..sori jah)
and kita pi bank pagi buta
pastu awak takot nak amek gambaq coz takot ada benda bukan-bukan dalam gambaq tu.

si kecik ini,
terima kasih sebab awak percayakan saya untuk bawak WHK awak tu.
walaupun saya bawak tersengguk-sengguk, tapi awak bagi jugak!
pastu haritu yang saya takleh reverse kereta sebab kereta syazwan kacau tu, awak jugak yang tolong's your birthday, remember??
then time PEM rosak pon, awak pon banyak tolong saya.
ikut saya pi bengkel dengan si pembawa-kereta-macam-pelesit tu.
ingat tak kita konvoi pi kfc batu gajah aritu??
then straight pi ipoh tu??
sangat bes race dengan awak!
race la sangat kannn...
terima kasih!
i know i can count on you with these stuff!

si lembut dan baik hati ini.
awak la insan yang paling baik dan sanggup buat apa sahaja yang kitorang suruh.-la sangat. hahaha!
kadang2 awak la yang nampak paling keibuan yang dapat mengawal kanak2 bimbo yang gila ini.
tapi kadang2 awak pon menggila sama..isk.
terima kasih sebab tiap2 malam mesti tanya nak pesan apa2 dari v5 ka tak.
mintak maaf sebab habiskan gula2 awak yang awak tinggal kat bilik kami tu. (saya mintak maaf bagi pihak rumet saya.ehem)
mintak maaf sebab kadang2 kami lupa kat awak kalu kami keluar.
kami takmaw kacau awak dengan mr A awak.
tu ja..bukannya kami sengaja..huhu..

orked, anggerik, raya, melor,

saya rindu anda semua!
teringat lagi kita pi kulim dulu.
that's the best trip ever!
dari malam tu kita buat bunga teloq dengan makcik2 saya yang..hurm..kurang btoy.
sampai la kita on the way ke pendang tu,
hampa ingat tak?????!!
hampa semua tidoq macam kena tembak ja masing2!
jangan ingat aku lupa!
then jadi bunga teloq girls on the wedding day.
aaaahhhhh... you are the best ever!
harap sangat sangat sangat kita tak gaduh..
takot sangat..
huhuhuhhu :(


Saturday, June 6, 2009

jah update. wahahahha

gile rindu sama kamoo org. okeh. sume duduk diam-diam taw. jangan gerak-gerak. tarik nafas.

nak peluk. cium3333.
eeeeeee. rindu99999.

harap maaf. entry yang agak miang. :)


weh rendu lah weh

MUAH MUAH banyak-banyak!

oh, untuk AYAM my chicken little, aku rindu kau! tapi mana boleh suka-suka hati upload gambar kau kan, sangat banyak rendu sama kau! (:

oke, aku tahu budak-budak ni masing-masing pemalas busy kan, so saja nak hapdet memandangkan aku sorang yang paling free dan masa yang melimpah ruah yang patut disalurkan ke jalan yang sepatutnya.

hahahaha oke ayat sambung sebab malas nak tekan noktah.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

saya di-tag.for the first time :)

how old are you?
luckily,i'm still 18 :)

2. Are you single?
hurm.myb no

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?
25-30.that's the ibu ckp keje dulu.haha

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
haha.i dont know.but when u're with someone,u always think he/she is ur mr/mrs right,aren't u??

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
-cristiano ronaldo
-chuck bass
-edward scissorhands
and the list goes on and on.. :)

6. Who will be your bridesmaid or your bestman?
all my friends of course,including the bimbos(nk request korg sume pkai tudung itam time wedding tu nti bolehh??that's my identity kn??hahahahaha :)

7. Do you want a garden/ beach or traditional wedding?
i want to have it garden style,but fo sho ayah n ibu mst nk why dont we have it both?? :) cehh.ckp cm kawen ngan datuk k je..
erm.wat kat jln permatang 5-strok-bape-tah-aku-xigt bolehh gak.uphill view :)

8. Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
some snowy place??teringin nk main snow.(saya mmg agk jakun-istic)haha.xde la.mne pn long as there's just me,him and our love.waaaahh!!do bimbos write this kinda lines?
hahahha :)
*belle,kak ma.i know u r giggling there!!biar la nk lyn jiwg jap!!

9. How many guest do you think you’ll invite?
 asal full khemah/dewan tu nti ckup laa kot.wat ape rmai2?mmbazir.hahahha

10. Will that include your exes?
maybe.if i got enough cards to give away.haha :)
p/s : your presence only upon invitation cards.thank u :)

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
1 is enough.the higher the layer,the more it will collapse.hahaha :)

12. When do you want to get married? Morning or evening?
morning of course.and evening is the kenduri time :)
-kak ma,the one who said if u marry on the midnite and wake up the next morning,its still ur wedding day tu julia roberts kalau xsilap kite-

13. Name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding?
erm.keindahan tepi pantai??hahaahhaaha.upah kugiran main pun best gak.
but for my own song it would be ratuku-awie :) x pun mahakarya cinta faizal tahir x koq :)

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon/fork/ knife?
pki tangan sudah.but spoon,fork n knife will be provided kot.bukan nk mkn chicken chop pn nk pki pisau :(

15. Champagne of red wine?
teh ais mamak satu!!!xpon teh ais sabilaa!!walawehh..terbaek dr ladang r wa ckp sama lu!!haha.and for my bimbs.neslo ais for belle n kak ma,sirap limau 4 mimi n jah

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
does it make any any difference?tp days after wedding kot.x rushing  sgt.ehh.yg aku dok yeye planning ni nape?cm la nk kawen esok.hahahaha :)

17. Money or household items?
its all about the money,money,moneyy.haha.household items are accepted too.especially iron.
i iron my clothes every single time until to some extend that i always forgot to switch it off.ask my
roomate now,she knows how iron is very essential in my life,kn elya?

18. How many kids would you like to have?
the least,i want to have a pair.1 girl and 1 boy.and this little girl would be exactly like me.(always with black scarf)kn belle??kak ma??and the boy..well depends on who's the father?mayb he will wears jersey all the time??hahahaha

19. Will your record your honeymoon in DVD and CD
erm.why not?lets keep it as a memory that i'll never forget.and when i'm 60/70,i'll look back at those video and said "we only live in our young age once,and i had mine,perfectly~ :) "

20. i want to know their wedding plans
all the bimbs esp mimi!!jgan nak lari ok??
spe2 je la y intrested



be mine,
would you?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SILVERcastsss [emphasize huruf 'S']

situasi : saya dan rosma mencanggung dalam kopetro V5. mimi yana berdiri.

mimi yana ; weh weh dia masuk.
saya ; aku nampak!
mimi yana ; ishh. malu je dia perasan kita.
siti rosma ; belle, kek silver bird!
saya ; ha'ah! silverbird! ape lagi satu tu? silverchair?
siti rosma ; silverchair tu band la bengong!
saya ; hahah mane nak tahu.
mimi yana ; kau ni, dah tahu budak tu ada kat sini lagi nak SILVER SILVER.
siti rosma ; kenapa? kenapa? silvercast ada kat sini ke? [sambil berdiri dan toleh ke belakang.]

tiba-tiba lagu hindustan dalam kedai itu tenggelam dengan gelak ketawa dari tiga orang makhluk.

siti rosma lari keluar dan pass [ala marathon] kek pisang kepada saya. dan bersama mimi yana, siti rosma lari keluar.

lepas tu semua orang kompius sejak bila pontianak dan mak lampir boleh lepak dan mantol sama-sama satu geng. tengok dua kali, rupanya mimi yana dengan rosma tengah duk syiok gelak.

saya pulak didapati buat aksi fei mao di kaunter. [bahu tersenggut-senggut di kaunter tahan gelak]

dan silvercast masih tak keluar dari kopetro itu di saat kami meninggalkan V5.

siapa boleh jawab?

silvercast ialah budak famous kat dc++ [kut]. dia ambik course EE first year first.

siti rosma memang ultimate bimbo, kan?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mne kwn2 sye yg laen??

mne korg sume nie??
ak anta msj bkn nk reply
pnat ak tggu korg reply msj ak.
nk kate korg x bgn lg cm plik jek
salunye ak yg bgn plg lewat


jum la g irc, study chemistry babun 2
sian ak ngn jah. 2 org je kt irc nie. huhu
ak tggu korg ye. cep dat skang!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,
harap maklum bahawa amaran kebakaran telah diaktifkan dan kami sedang menyiasat. sila bertenang dan tunggu arahan selanjutnya.

ladies and gentlemen,
the fire alarm has been activated and the situation is under investigation.
please stay calm and wait for the next instruction.


saya masih sayang irc.
saya suka irc.
biaq la depa dok testing2..
irc jangan boikot saya ek??

hari ni dah start exam!

doakan kami semua ya.

semoga senang jawab periksa,
semoga boleh sambung undergrad.

amin ya rabbal 'alamin.

terima kasih. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

penghargaan kpd the bimbs :) yg aku nk cite ni mungkin biar la.pduli ape.haha.
k.smlm pd pukul nk dkt 11 mlm aku,kak mah,belle n mimi mkn luar.aku xtw nape aku beriya2 sgt nk mkn pdhal kul 12 tghr aku da mkn nasi+aym goreng +sayur-pe-tah msak lemak. n kul 5 cik jah n tika ajak aku mkn chicken chop.n tu pun aku blsah mlm smlm aku pon hanya order tomyam campur,sotong goreng tepung ihsan cik mimi yg hebat dan teh ais shj sbb aku agak kyg.

jd,dlm kitorg tgh mkn2 tu,aku pn bukak la cte tentang zmn skola aku dulu yg telah aku jnji nk cte pd dorg.senang cite cite yg agak memalukan gak la taim skola dulu smpai aku boleh kne expel.(spe nk tw cte gtw aku dlu.haha).and the conversation went on and on diselang-selikan kebencian kitorg terhadap airil yg poyo tuh.RED ALERT!!we hate him oke?so in here,airil is a big-fat-no.xcaye?tnye la presiden kitorg : belle@mireya..

k.back to mystory,pas da cte2 sume tu,kitorg pn plan la nk blk,tibe,bru seminit dua dlm kete.aku rse sakit prut yg maha dashat.gile sakit.mengerang aku dibuatnye.cik rosma yg memandu pn takut tgk aku.oo.taim tu mimi n belle g singgah 7-e jap.taim tu cik rosma tanye,"farah,hg oke dak?
aku pn jwb "okok"..pdhal lgsg x ok.taim tu,mimi n belle pn da msuk kete.n when they see me in that condition,they freaked out korg kn?

time tuh,aku prasan gak la yg dorg ni sume mmg agak sygkan aku. mimi yg selalunye grg mlm smlm for the first time ckp ngn aku. "sabar ye frh,jp lg da smpi" and belle pn turut sme prihatin ni.haha..ooh ya.time tu aku request kat driver drop kat mne2 stesen minyak sbb aku da xthn menahan sakit prut.jd taim smpai kt stesen minyak tu,i throw up everything i ate for the whole day.rse bersalah gile dorg tunggu lame kat luar.sory korg :(

lps kuar tu.huh.bru r aku lega sket.takut gak kne food poison ke ape.jgn main gile..start esok da final.klu xsehat masak la,here i am,the next morning.after 9 hours of sleep and rest,writing this i guess i'm back to normal??haha

so,moral of the story adik2,
jgn kutuk cikgu korg taim affects u my case it affected my health.takut woo.
and TO MY LOVELY BIMBS,i love u girls.concern gak korg ngan aku ehh.i know i can count on u girls when i'm in need :) .nk wat slalu lah klu cmni.hahahahh :) syg korg sume.muuahs :)
and to encik a,thanks to u too :)

k.enough of this.gotta study.esok paper emaths.bye!