Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We walked, we forget,

kalau rasa macam kita ni dah JAAUUHH sangat from each other,
fighting over silly little things,
could we do just ONE thing ?

Read what we've wrote here,
bout how much we missed each other, how we were very close,
reminisce what we've done together.

We were once so cute.
Do not let time changes us.



Rosma said...

yeah..kita dah tak lepak kfc sama2 dah..tak pi playground batu gajah dah.. i'm sorry for everything..let's get back together, girls..i miss us..

Bally Da Shoe said...


farah_dee said...

hehe..yep..bila baca balik post2 kat cni cm sedeh plak..hmm.cpt btul masa berlalu..yep..i miss the old me..the one that i used to be..miss the "old" us..the one that we used to be.. :)
xpe la..let'a start over.hehe